Bras for a Cause gets a Dvine Donation

I had the honor of handing over an $1,100.00 check to our local charity Bras for a Cause today.  I had recently told my fiancé that I’m going to try to help more people, inspire more people this year.  That’s a big goal.  I was truly blessed to be asked to display my artwork in a hometown bar and grill called The River’s Edge for the month of December. We decided to donate 20% of any sales to a local charity of my choosing.  Having lost my father to cancer and my mom having her own battle with it, the choice was a no brainer.  I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d even make a sale.  I can’t say that my little rural town of Williston, ND is a place that has that high level of art appreciation.  Needless to say, I was wrong.  I learned that you shouldn’t make assumptions about the inspiration and impact your art can have on people, and that being able to give back using a talent and something I love feels amazing.  Now I’m hungry to create more to give back more.  “Bras for a Cause gets a Dvine Donation” is what the article was titled in the Williston Herald… A very proud moment.